The Vino Cotto

The Vino Cotto is an esteemed wine, and is obtained by patiently boiling the grape must inside big copper kettles, until it reduces its volume by 50%. Later, the product is stored inside old oak barrels to ferment and to age.

The tradition and culture of our country are included in fragrance and flavor of Vino Cotto unique.

The Vino Cotto is a typical product of Marche and especially affects small wine production areas of Macerata and Fermo, particularly it is appreciate what in Loro Piceno, where this thousand-year old wine making is respected and passed down, already ancients Piceni used this particular processing technique of grape must, inherited from Greeks.

Strongly connected to rural tradition, the processing technique of Marche’s grape must lets get this strong wine, the color varies from red to amber red with tendency to hazel shades, clear and fruity, in a perfect balance of flavor between sourness and sweetness. Usually it was consumed as a normal table wine, is now more often referred to as a dessert wine ( accompanied by sweets and peach in bits ).

Rural families were preparing this drink for harvest or for particular occasions such as the birth of a child, for wich putted aside in a small barrel to consume during the completion of full age or the wedding day. It was and still is a sign of hospitality of rural families, to be poured in the best occasions; also the tradition relates that even the arms and legs of the children were bathed by Vino Cotto strengthen them, was used as a remedy for the ills, to heal the rash of children to the luster of the skin and the scent of breaths … but especially for warm the soul.

The properties and benefits of this wine are celebrated every year at the Feast of Vino Cotto in Loro Piceno, where the best producers to display and offer this great product.