Commercial Farm Caonà

We are in Loro Piceno

sede azienda agricola caonàThe commercial Farm Caonà is based in a typical medieval town called Loro Piceno, which enjoys a good geographical position, in between the Sibillini mountains and the Adriatic sea.

The hill country and the mild climate value the wine’s quality, but the main things is this town strong tradition of Vino Cotto (literally cooked wine). This tradition has been carried over from generation to generation and the art of grape harvest is considered a combination of work, experience and passion.

Moreover, the symbol of the town Loro Piceno is the annual Sagra del Vino Cotto (Vino Cotto Festival), which takes place in August, and has now reached its 4th decade.

vignete dell'azienda agricola caonàOur vineyard


Caonà is a small Commercial Farm, which produces and sells Vino Cotto. Nowadays, our vineyard provides around 40/60 ql. of Vino Cotto, depending on the crop.